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This week I’m really cranky, especially in the garden. It’s super hot and humid out, and every afternoon we get a fairly heavy storm which leaves the plants battered and soaking wet. Then the aphids come and stick to the damp leaves/petals of the plants. And then they need to be misted off, which makes the plants even more wet. Even the plants that flourish this time of year seem to be irritated about it all.

My camillia bonsai finally bit the dust this week. I knew it was coming, but it was still a huge bummer. And then Milo (the kitten) ate a baby lizard from the garden right in front of me, which I felt terrible about because I’m the one that let him go back out on the lanai. No more garden for Milo, at least not for a few months. Then one of the rose cuttings from Tom’s mother’s garden turned brown and withered overnight. It was a grumpy week for gardening.

I hate complaining about summer because I know from growing up in NY that it’s the best time of year in *most* places. But in my head and heart, I am counting down the days until the weather goes back to being drier, cooler, and a little more kind to both plants *and* people.

Anyway, the one set of plants that seems to flourish right now is the petunias- I have them in a shady spot under the roofline so maybe that’s why they are doing okay. They are barely getting any sun, and the rain barely grazes them. I know I keep sharing photos of them, but they are pretty much keeping my gardening enthusiasm going right now because they are still blooming.




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  1. MIsti wrote:

    Sorry Chel. 🙁 I trimmed the thai red hibiscus back hard as it was struggling severely with the mealy bugs. Damn bugs.

    Posted 22 Aug 2013 at 6:55 pm

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