Finally, finally, finally. I’m not going to say we’re not going to have anymore coolish nights dipping into the 40s, but I think we’re done with daytime temps of that for sure. We’ve had a few cooler mornings where you throw on a jacket until 10 or 11 am and then shed the layers, but other than that, I think we’re really into spring now.


The plumeria finally came out of hibernation. They are now repotted, well most of them, in fancy pots with good soil. We put two of them on the dock and another up near the house. My parents put theirs in the ground every year and dig it out, often having to cut it back because of its size. That’s where we received some of our cuttings from, their plant. We opted for the containers so we can easily bring them in and out during the winter.

The foxglove we planted last year, a biennial, will be blooming this year. I’m looking forward to the blooms.

Even the oakleaf hydrangea has really put on new growth in the last two weeks. While most of our plants are coming out of dormancy, we have a few that are straggling behind. We’ll keep an eye on them for a few more weeks and if no growth occurs we’ll know they are toast.

Little Callie. If it isn’t one thing with the ferals, it’s another. First Ruby hurt her paw/foot last week. She was whiny and morose for a day or two but finally came around, hobbling over to eat and wandering around. She’s not back to normal yet but she’s putting a little more weight on her foot….plus Chris found her climbing a tree one day, so it can’t be all that bad. And then two days ago we noticed Little Callie limping. It seemed worse today, that both her legs were having issues and maybe even her back. I’m worried that something fell on her. She had been sitting up near Chris’ man-cave, a converted garage, and we had stacked up some concrete blocks to take to the recycling sometime. I looked over in that area and it seemed some of the blocks were in a bit of disarray, so I wonder if one fell on her. We don’t really know what happened. I tried to pet her today since she will generally let you pet her, but as soon as I touched her back she was having none of that and limped on over to where she’s seated here in the photo. I’m not sure what to do. She’s eating, which is good. I guess we’ll keep an eye on her for a few more days. I’m worried she broke her back, or worse!

Aside from worrying about the ferals, the garden is slowly growing up for spring and summer. I’m excited to see plants blooming here soon and to have a full garden again.

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