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The weather has definitely taken a turn for the better, but the last few days have brought some rain. Things are *sort of* coming back- I see a definite improvement in growth and green. But October can be a wet month (learned my lesson last year when none of the seeds I planted did anything) so I am still waiting things out.

I still have a bunch of plants (geraniums and veggies) under the roof outside so that they don’t get soggy. They are actually doing okay, despite the lack of sunlight. The eggplant “seedling” (well, it was a seedling when we got it about two weeks ago!) is now quite large and blooming. It’s the first plant in the photo below.



I’m kind of stoked about that, to be honest, and tempted to keep it in part shade when things do dry out since I have never had an eggplant grow so quickly and so HUGELY in such a short amount of time.

I planted a few tomato seeds this week (Roma and Porter) and they are all sprouting. And I even planted two nasturtium seeds (Cherries Jubilee and Cup Of Sun) , just because I had a large planter full of dirt and … well, I seem to have an issue with nasturtiums. I can’t *not* plant them. Anyway, it was just TWO seeds as opposed to the FORTY I planted last October, so I think it’s an improvement.

In some not-so-happy garden news, one of my roses seems to have bit it (moved it to a smaller pot for one last chance) and my camellia bonsai officially died. That was kind of sad, but a relief in a small way because that plant struggled since I got it and it’s sort of good not to have to look at the little brown bark sticking out of the dirt anymore. It’s depressing, in a way- even if all my plants are doing amazingly well, if I have ONE plant that is struggling, that’s all I see and focus on.

Onward, right? This weekend, Tom and my dad are going to powerwash the lanai- I’m not excited that all the planters and containers and pots need to be moved, but I am SUPER excited that all the black mold and grime that’s been growing under the plants will be washed away. Hopefully, they’ll drain better if the pavers have a chance to dry out and can then draw out more water from the planters.

Okay, that’s it for me. Sorry for these “in the meantime…” kinda posts. September and October are sort of strange months in that nothing really happens, but then one day it’s REALLY fall and everything has changed overnight and the day in and day out of gardening begins again.

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  1. Katie wrote:

    I love nasturtiums. I love tucking a few of their seeds here and there and seeing what comes up. I’ve been watering my potted plants more and it has breathed new life into them. October is almost like a second spring here – it’s still warm, but much cooler than the summer and plants seem to thrive. Sounds similar there in that you’re still planting tomato seeds! Craziness.

    Posted 03 Oct 2013 at 11:44 pm
  2. chel wrote:

    I tried sprinkling nasturtiums around our property but none of them took- the soil here is sandy and the environment iffy (i’m in Southwest Florida) so I guess they didn’t have a chance.

    My gardening season is *just* about to start. It’s a little backward here in Southwest Florida, but I’m getting used to it!

    Posted 06 Oct 2013 at 8:30 pm

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