Transplanting the Tomatoes

About a month ago Chris started the tomato seeds out in his man-cave. He had bought grow-lights last year and with this wicked winter we’ve been having, it has worked out for the better to keep them inside during January. Last year I just moved them under our porch when a cold front would come through, but that wasn’t going to work this time.

Today we spent some time moving them from their little seed starting cell sized trays into, I think, 3″ pots.


‘Gypsy’ was a freebie from Baker Creek with an order I put in for other seeds.

Chris mixed a bag of compost, some organic fertilizer and I think a bag of potting soil together to come up with our seedling mix.


Now if we can keep them alive in these pots for another month, then we can get them in the ground sometime in mid-March! I’m really looking forward to tomatoes this year so that we can preserve a lot of them for use over the next year. We’re down to only a couple of jars of canned tomatoes left—I’ve been holding onto them as long as possible!

Speaking of canned items—I think it will be a year to grow cucumbers again. We have a ton of pickles still but I have a feeling some are getting old. I opened a jar the other night and tried a nibble and the taste was off. I’ll have to dump them into the compost bin soon before I forget and they are in the back of my fridge for too long.


I’ve also been meaning to show y’all the leaf stockpile we’ve got going on. Between bagging up leaves from our yard, leaves from my parents’ yard, and leaves from Chris’ mom and step-dad’s yard (and nabbing some bags off of the neighborhood streets), we’ve got a leaf stockpile for our compost bin this coming summer. This will help when we’ve emptied up the right side this spring and will get us building more compost faster. Now all we need is spring to come around so everyone mows their yards and we can nab some bagged clippings to get the piles heated up!

Comments 3

  1. Curtis wrote:

    When did you start those? They look so much smaller than mine.

    Posted 10 Feb 2014 at 10:26 pm
  2. Misti wrote:

    I think we started them mid-Jan. Later than we wanted.

    Posted 12 Feb 2014 at 11:08 pm
  3. Patrice wrote:

    I should have snagged a jar of pickles when we were there!!! I love pickles, especially homemade ones! You guys are so good at this.

    Posted 15 Feb 2014 at 6:28 pm

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