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Tomato sauce!

It’s been a decent tomato season here, though I still feel like we were behind. My brother had a bountiful harvest and put away jars and jars of tomatoes. So far I put away 3 quarts of blanched and peeled tomatoes—not counting the fourth that I had but shattered in the canner—and then the tomato sauce you see above. I ended up freezing these like A Way to Garden recomended. I wasn’t interested in pressure canning over the weekend, though I am fairly certain we’ve water bath canned tomato sauce in the past. Now we’re at a point that whatever is ripening on the vine will be what we harvest as we’re now into the hot days of summer and we’ll likely not get new fruit setting.

Maybe next winter will be milder and we can get our tomatoes in the ground in March instead of April and get a longer harvest out of the tomatoes.

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