the joy of gardening “in season”

These past few weeks have reminded me why I *really* garden: active engagement. The weather has been cool and dry and beautiful and the sun has been indirect for more of the day, and my plants are responding. Pretty much any seed I put near dirt will take off. The seedlings that come up grow fast. Leaves are juicy and green as opposed to dark and brittle.

It really feels like a gift when the garden is “in season” (which is now down here in Southwest Florida), and I walk out there every morning and the tasks sort of unfold in front of me.

When I go out there every day, I immediately see a list of things to tackle. And it’s not “survival” gardening, where I am doing whatever I can to keep the garden alive or trying to figure out what I *can* do to make the garden grow, it’s the kind of work that a growing garden requires. Upkeep. Maintenance.


I love this kind of gardening. There’s as much or as little as you want to do on any given day. There’s always something new to see. Plants respond to all care, sometimes overnight, sometimes even quicker.

Walking among the containers, I can get a sense of where the sun travels, where the light hits, what should go where. I feel really  part of the whole process as opposed to a desperate caregiver or just a spectator on the sidelines.

I guess this sounds a little silly, but there are times in the year where gardening goes from being a hobby to something that’s an active give-and-take. And this is one of those times of year.



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