Taters and remediation


After the whole tire fiasco, my brain had a light build moment and somehow it came up with this growing receptacle from the potatoes. I picked up a 50ft length of metal fence from Lowe’s, and a bale of straw from Marshall Grain and…Presto! I cut the fence to make the diameter around 2.5 ft. The straw keeps the initial dirt from going anywhere. From here I’ll either continue to add dirt and straw on top, or just add straw.


I used a mixture of new seed potatoes I purchased and leftovers from last year (above)


Here is the portion of ground that is nearest the house. I didn’t grow anything here last year and just mulched in in the spring. Unfortunately, the nutsedge and Bermuda grass decided to take over. It was so compacted in here. I wasn’t about to just plop a box down to grow veggies. So, out came the tiller and amazingly most of the Bermuda grass on the top got removed. I’ll have to wait a month to do any more removing of it. The nuts from the nutsedge are a killer. In this tiny little area there are hundreds upon hundreds of nuts. Some on top of the dirt, the rest hidden.


See them?


Right there is one.


And over here too.

Nutsedge has become a real nuisance in the garden and has even surpassed the Bermuda grass. I’ll come back here in a month or so and continue to remove the nuts that will have started to grow and spread. Heavy mulching and “weed fabric” does not stop this thing. There are really only two ways.
Remove the plant, nut and dirt in the affected area and toss it in the trash.
The other is to let it grow out slightly, wet the area, cover heavily with sugar and wet again. I’ve never tried this method, but if just removing the nut and plant by hand doesn’t put a dent in this summer, I may have to try it.

I may even try heavily seeding the area with a smother crop, but even that probably won’t do any good.

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  1. misti wrote:

    I’m glad you are calling it a sedge instead of a grass…not a grass!

    i think just constantly being on top of it will eventually keep it out, but you will end up getting seed dispersal via wind and animals again in the future.

    Posted 14 Feb 2013 at 9:10 am
  2. Donna wrote:

    I hate that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gerrrrrrrrrrrrr just as bad as my squirrels that are digging up my onions and potatoes!!!!!!

    Posted 26 Feb 2013 at 8:56 pm

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