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What Happens To Eggplants When…

…you can’t keep up with your garden during the weeks of moving…they get over ripe! I was actually kind of interested to see this phenomenon, overripe eggplants as they are a really cool color. I’ll be opening these up soon to see about saving seeds from them. In other news of excitement the rest of […]

Big Bertha & Her Sisters

The other day while watering I noticed that more of the onions were flopping over, getting ready to finish their life cycle and be harvested. While poking about I also noticed that we have a few ginormous onions; Chris had continually walked by the onions and reported that “The onions are so big!” along with […]

Peas Please!

Right now our sugar snap and sugar daddy peas are in full fruiting mode and I’ve been picking them heavily every couple of days. They are so tasty and I’ve mostly been eating them raw but sometimes I will stir them into rice or sautĂ© them with other vegetables for dinner. Of course more often […]

The Cucumbers are Up! | Beginnings

This week’s theme is Beginnings…however we want to interpret that! Last Fall we had really good success with our cucumber crop, enough so to make many jars of pickles. I was thrilled about this because I had not tried hard in Florida to grow cucumbers, only trying once with poor success. Chris, my husband, had […]