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Nyssa aquatica | In the Ground

We just moved into our first house, the first house we’ve ever bought I should say, and along the shoreline of the pond/lake we took down quite a bit of Chinese tallow. It was nice that it cleared up the view, such as what you see above of the house across the lake, but we […]

Organically Thinking

Gladiolus flowers soon to open I was flipping through a gardening magazine, which I’ll keep nameless, that Chris (my husband) had in his car and after reading several articles it dawned on me how much my viewpoint on organic gardening has changed. Organic gardening is at the forefront of my thinking when I talk or […]

Our Garden: A Video Tour

My brother did a tour of his garden not too long ago and I thought it would be a good idea to borrow his idea and do a similar one of mine. It’s 11 minutes so I hope you enjoy my voice! Oh, and please watch some of it; the video took 6+ hours to […]

Greetings from Fort Worth

Hello! I’m Curtis. Sometime year or so ago, my sister sent me an email inquiring about doing a joint blog together. Something the both of us would put work into, but with her hiking the Florida Trail it didn’t really pan out. So when she sent me an email about a month ago checking interest […]

Introducing Sprout Dispatch | Misti

Hello there! Welcome to Sprout Dispatch. I’m Misti and I normally write at Oceanic Wilderness. For awhile I’ve wanted to be part of a collaborative blog and while I searched and searched, I was unable to find the perfect place to fit in. Instead I decided to start my own little collaboration. I was highly […]