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This past week Park Seed was wrapping up its annual “Spring into Summer” sale, and since quantities were dwindling, and I have a few holes in my garden (ie empty pots and extra potting soil), I went ahead and placed a small seed order. Here’s what I got (images courtesy of Park Seed):

The one thing I really wanted was another Mallow Hibiscus. The Disco Belle that I grew from seed continues to amaze me, so I wanted to try another one. I got the Luna Pink Swirl Rose seeds.

I have a big empty planter in the back corner of the garden and decided I wanted to fill it with a dwarf sunflower mix. I have a lot of seeds from my previous sunflowers, but they are all from full-size sunflowers and the germination rate has not been so great, so I decided to just go ahead and get a dwarf mix, ready-to-go. Park offers a mix called “Solar Babies” and I figure I can just throw a little handful into the container and be surprised a few weeks from now.

Petunias. They are one of the only non-tropical flowering plants I have had luck with in the summer.

I recently planted a bunch of them, but for some reason PASSIFLORA grew, instead. It was likely contaminated potting soil (I’m big on recycling potting soil) but it was a little odd how the Passiflora grew in EXACTLY the little divots I made in the soil for the Petunia seed.

So, due to the Petunia/Passiflora fiasco, I ordered three packs of Petunia seeds to try again: Celebrity Chiffon, Merlin Blue Morn, and Ultra Crimson Star.





Then I saw these weird Coleus seeds (Black Dragon) on sale for $1 and bought a pack. I have a little shady nook next to my pre-existing coleus and I’m super excited to try these out. Plus, they are so odd looking! I haven’t seen anything like this in any of the local nurseries or coleus seed mixes I have tried.



Then I saw theseĀ Arizona Apricot Gaillardia seeds and decided to give them a try, as well. They look sunny and bright.



Finally, I checked the Canna seeds and found they had a new variety available that I haven’t tried- Salmon Canna. So I got a pack of those seeds.


Yay! I’m excited to plant some new seeds (it feels like forever since I have planted seeds) and see what comes up. I’ll keep you posted!

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