Summer in the Veg Garden

While the heat and humidity has become oppressive of late, the vegetable garden is hanging in there. Leeks and garlic were pulled recently leaving some open spots for planting watermelon and pumpkins. The tomatoes are also hanging in there, ripening whatever fruit that is left on their vines. It is far too late—and hot—for any flowers to be pollinated these days. Another month and we’ll be chopping the tomato vines up for the compost pile.

A month ago or so I started various beans an squash plants along the new perimeter bed. They are all doing fantastically well and I can only hope we get some fruits off of the acorn, spaghetti, and butternut squashes. I also planted cushaw squash that I’m looking forward to harvesting if we get fruit. I first found out about this type of squash at the farmer’s market last year. I had saved seeds from an unknown ‘gourd’ that I’d gotten the previous Fall, 2012, for decorating for autumn. I’d labeled the bag of seeds ‘green and white gourd’ only to get a name put to it by one of the vendors last summer at the farmers market. The taste is wonderful and the squash can be made into breads, soups, baked and eaten…it is quite versatile.



I really need to do some weeding along the paths in the vegetable garden but the most troublesome spots involve Bermuda grass which is not easy to kill ‘organically’ or to pull up by hand. Dousing it in straight vinegar only knocks it back for awhile.

In all, the vegetable garden looks good. The peppers haven’t produced but I think they aren’t getting enough sun.

What edibles are you growing these days?

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