summer in the garden…

A little bit of what’s happening in my garden these days…

assorted herbs with a bit of sweet potato vine mixed in….

One thing I did for this summer as opposed to last summer (my first with a garden) was to set my expectations much lower. Before the heat and rain arrived, I let go of any stragglers from spring. I also didn’t plant or buy anything that I knew would probably struggle in this weather- the only thing I have really planted is sunflowers, zinnia, and coleus- all things I know do well from my experience with them last summer.

blue/periwinkle hydrangeas

Older plants I have are doing fairly well. I know some of them might slow down a bit and need to be shifted under the lanai roof so that the rain doesn’t drown them. So far, I’ve only had to move the nasturtiums. It’s pretty wilty and sparse, but ever since I moved it into the shade it’s been blooming like crazy, so maybe it’ll come back.

butterfly garden in bloom

I’m also continuing to work on my little butterfly garden outside. I’m not doing anything huge, just researching plants that thrive in Florida year-round and will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

new planter of coleus clippings (and seed!)

I’m really enjoying this whole “slow and easy” approach to summer gardening in Southwest Florida, I have to admit. I like having a few things to do out there every day, and new things to discover, but not so much that it feels like I’m out there so long that I get really overheated.

this nasturtium is looking a bit sparse, but still flowering like crazy

The only challenge I see is the insane sales that all the nurseries have all summer- they put the *really* nice plants on sale for crazy prices. But if I can score a few more bromeliad or hibiscus, I think that might be okay.

the season for hibiscus

How is *your* summer garden going where you are?

next round of hydrangea…

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  1. Misti wrote:

    Ah, the summer doldrums! I’m getting very excited about moving because I am thinking about all the plants I can put in the ground again! Walking irises….yay!

    Posted 22 Jun 2012 at 2:54 pm
  2. Moosie wrote:

    You have lots of plants to pick from here. Take the iris on the side they don’t like my shade.

    Posted 13 Jul 2012 at 12:42 pm

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