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A few quick snapshots from my garden this week:


One of the hibiscus I got for Christmas finally bloomed and it’s a lovely double bloom in a blue/lavender color. I love the cream colored stamen- so cool! And the very center of the flower is a rich red plum color. If I get a bloom that opens wide, I’ll try and get a picture of the very center of the bloom.

And another of the hibiscus I got earlier this year started putting out giant buds, and this hibiscus looks to be a deep wine color:


Looks like there might be quite a few blooming at the same time so I’ll get some photos. I’m pretty excited. I love it when a plant flowers for the first time, it’s *so* exciting (at least to me).

I love hibiscus, but I *don’t* love that the blooms only last a day and they fall right off once they are done (same with passiflora). They get pretty gnarly on the pavers if you don’t pick them up right away. They turn to total slime. I’m sure in the dirt they’d just disintegrate just fine, but on concrete- blech. It’s really odd. Every other plant sheds and dries out, but for some reason the hibiscus liquify.

But they are so beautiful that I don’t mind the clean up. I just wish the blooms lasted longer!


The gloxinia I got at Trader Joe’s last year bloomed again, and it’s beautiful. The weather has been SO rainy that its soil got really, really soggy and it started turning brown, so I put it under the roof line. Hopefully I can dry it out and get it to keep blooming.

Then there’s this:


I have no idea what it is, but they are in nurseries all over, grow like crazy with minimal care, and look to be some sort of succulent. The only issue with this plant is that it’s a magnet for mealy bugs and if you don’t mist/flat spray the plant daily, infestation happens almost immediately and the whole plant will be destroyed before you know it.

Oh! And plumeria update:


I got four plumeria clippings for my birthday: two of them are doing well and have lovely green leaves (see photo above) but two of them got over-soaked by the rain and began to rot. I pulled the pots by the potting bench, removed the cuttings from the soil, cut both stalks up to the green healthy part (meaning, green stem and MILKY gushing when cut, which is so strange to me!) and let the cuttings dry out for a few days before repotting each of them in mostly dry soil. I left them under the roof line for a few days to make sure they stayed completely dry for a bit before putting them back out under direct sun (and direct rain). Today I had Tom move them back into the sun. I hope I can save them. As far as the one above (and the other that is doing well), as soon as I have a chance, and my supply of soil dries out a bit, I am going to repot them in dry soil so they don’t get mushy.

I found myself getting super frustrated by the soaking wet soil and a few seedlings that started but then died off (canna) but then I reminded myself: it’s summer. My job as a gardener for the next few months is to MAINTAIN and avoid catastrophe, not get things to thrive. Getting my plants through the incredibly humid, dark, hot, and soggy summer is all that matters. When fall comes, I can start planting again and trying to get things to thrive.

One season at a time, right?

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  1. Misti wrote:

    Love your shots today! I’m glad your plumeria is doing well and sorry to hear you are battling rotting. I think that is par for the course with trying to root them in the summer in FL. But I bet they will pull through.

    Posted 05 Jul 2013 at 1:47 pm
  2. Donna wrote:

    So pretty!! You did right with the rotting plumeria. They do not like a lot of water.

    Posted 05 Jul 2013 at 3:53 pm

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