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Today there will be no photos. Only words. The photos I keep forgetting to take or waiting until it is just almost dark and then remembering and so I don’t get around to the photos.

This last week and a half would have been full of doing yard work and getting things ready for spring but a little over a week ago my husband Chris cut his finger while installing an attic ladder in his man-cave. The cut was deep enough to require stitches and we found out on a check-up appointment that it was broken too, the far tip snapped off. So, that has left us resorting to smaller projects that he can handle and leaving the big yard projects off for a month or so down the road…

Which is a little disappointing but what can you do? There’s plenty of other work elsewhere.

So, instead of hard, physical labor we’ve been planning for the future instead.

What have we been planning?

  • The Flower Garden: Currently our small veggie patch is where the main flower garden will be going. We’ll be extending one of the flower beds directly out out front door and alongside our south fenceline and up in between the south side of our house and the fence. We’ve got a couple of larger shrubs that we’ll be planting in here but we’ll have to come up with the rest of the bones to the garden in the spring. I’m sure it will take a season or two for things to fill out, adding in plants here and there. We’ll likely bring in a load of compost to add in some nutrients to our sandy soil there just to give the plants a good start. Chris is talking about adding in a couple of extra spigots for watering so we don’t have to drag a long hose around to get tangled up on plants.
  • Bees!: I went to a bee forum a couple of weekends ago because Chris had been talking about getting bees in the future and the forum really catapulted us into the land of beekeeping. We’ll be doing the top-bar hive method which is an easier method than the more commonly known Langstroth hive. We’ve not ordered our actual hive yet but we did get our order of bees to R. Weaver Apiaries which we’ll pick up in April! That gives us enough time to research more about beekeeping and the whole process. I’m looking forward to having honey but also to having the beeswax to make candles and soap!
  • The Vegetable Garden: We have pretty much settled on our location for our vegetable garden but we’ll have to bring out a load of topsoil to level it off a bit and then loads of good dirt and compost for the actual beds themselves. There’s a local soil place that we’ll need to price things out at but hopefully we can get that started early in the new year so we can get veggies ready for spring and early summer. Oh, we’ll be needing a fence around that too!
  • The Front Entrance: Our front entrance had several magnolias and some scrubby plants up front. The magnolias had been topped and sprayed by the power company because they had grown directly beneath the lines and thus looked horrible. They were small enough to cut down without getting permission from the city but we have one other that will have to come down that is too large and we’ll have to get permission. Hopefully they don’t deny us cutting it down, it is pretty sickly looking, which is a shame that it was let to grow up under the lines like that in the first place. Nice trees poorly placed. Originally we were going to do an elaborate bed up in that area but we decided we liked a more natural look up there so we’ll be replanting a few trees further back and adding in some other plants to fill out the area for some seclusion as they grow through the years. Two trees of one variety we’re planting, one of which we put in the ground yesterday, is the Yellow Bird Magnolia. The flowers in the spring will be beautiful and I think we’ll enjoy having that.

    To replace another magnolia we put in a Yuletide Camelia. We’re trying to find plants that seem to be blooming in the winter here in preparation for the bees and it seems the camelias around the nurseries have been one of the bigger bloomers this time of year.

Those are the biggest things we’re planning for at the moment but we have a few others in our back pockets too.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Patrice wrote:

    Misti! I finally made it over to your blog here … not sure why I waited so long to bookmark it, but oh well. Better late than never! It is full of good info and I look forward to reading through and catching up over the next few weeks. Sorry to hear about Chris’s finger (I did see his post on FB but wondered how that happened). Hopefully it heals soon! Love to hear the plans about the garden and lands next year!

    Posted 17 Dec 2012 at 12:38 pm
  2. Donna wrote:

    Whew! Lots to do!

    Posted 29 Dec 2012 at 1:38 pm

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