Spring Temptations

With a day like today it really is hard to fathom that it is still January. We’ve had some unusually warm weather this last week. Sometimes it is chilly in the morning but by mid-day it is in the 60s or 70s, which makes sitting outside for lunch the perfect idea. Really, I could go on like this until June, just with one day a week set aside for an inch or two of rain and we can call it the perfect climate. Right??

At lunch today Chris pulled a spinach mustard plant that was shading out a new area he seeded with a late crop of carrots. I hadn’t realized the roots would get so thick and now I’m curious what the roots taste like. I’ll be trying some of that out soon!

This tropical cactus is blooming, Chris says it is Drunkard’s Bones. Looking at the species name of it, salicornioides, it does look a bit like salicornia. Interesting!

I was thrilled to see the variegated hydrangea has recuperated from the deep freeze and is sending out new leaves already. I was afaid it was toast.

The Iris reticulata bulbs we planted shortly after installing the side yard flower bed have come up!

Out in the vegetable garden I noticed the bok choi is already starting to put on flowers. It went from being a bunch of tiny plants to flowering overnight, at least it seemed. I guess it is time to start eating bok choi in the next few weeks.

The spinach mustard is bolting already but there are still plenty of leaves that are left to eat. I’ll be saving some of the seeds from this plant as it was very fun and easy to grow and quite tasty, very good in morning smoothies. I had to laugh at one tidbit of the spinach mustard as I was searching to see if the root part was edible…someone recommended it as a good plant for continuing on into summer (of course in cooler zones) as it wouldn’t bolt as easy. Hilarious because it isn’t very hot now and this thing is already bolting.

And tonight we’re eating some of the turnips that are ready, boiled up with some of the greens.

Now, if we can just get through the final freezes and on to the growing season! There’s plenty of very early bloomers starting around here, and apparently the bees have been finding pollen to gather as Chris has noticed many of our bees with pollen on their legs. This is a very good thing!

Come on spring!

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  1. chel wrote:

    Was going to do watering today but it rained all morning. It’s interesting how January is sort of taking care of the garden for me. I’m not sure I like it!

    Posted 21 Jan 2014 at 10:05 am

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