soggy days…

125a(If you click the image, you can see it full size. Playing with the panorama setting on my phone a month or so ago…)

I was going to go out and snap some photos of the garden on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, then on Thursday, and then on Friday, and then this morning, but it’s been storming every single morning. It seems like the storms have switched from mid-late afternoon to morning, which throws my gardening schedule up in the air. I did very little this week except run out in the rain and do what was absolutely necessary. Everything is sort of soggy and very smelly.

A few weeks ago I talked about moving all the geraniums across the lanai, and I did that. And I repotted a bunch of them that were super soggy. But they’re still struggling, so I’m just going to have to wait and see and maybe keep shifting them around. I got some new petunia seeds and threw them into some pots and soil I had around the potting bench and oddly enough they are sprouting and growing. It’s weird how much they seem to like the summer down here. Even after a downpour and a few days of grey skies, they bounce right back. I’m just happy to have something with color and bloom right now. It really cheers me up to have that little bit of color in the garden when normally there isn’t much.

The coleus seeds I planted a week or so ago germinated, but then disappeared, so I guess the last few days of rain was just too much. I guess I’ll have to hold off until another “dry spot” to try again, but at this rate that may be October (not exaggerating).

I guess all I can do at this point is just keep on keeping on. And maybe try to enjoy the break from watering. But as much as watering can drive me crazy, it’s a good opportunity to really see what’s going on with every plant, and do organic pest control. The mist and/or flat setting on the hose does a better job at blasting pests than any pest control product I have tried, but right now I can’t do it because the plants are *so* wet that adding anymore moisture to them would do damage. I need to find some sort of air blaster, perhaps.


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