September! Finally!


I’m excited because the calendar says it’s September, even though the weather doesn’t. Just a few more weeks…

This week I actually did a lot of gardening. I didn’t think there was much to do but when I REALLY looked around I saw plenty of little things that I wanted to take care of.

I gave a lot of the plants somewhat severe “back to school” haircuts. I cut the giant shrimp plant down to little branches poking out of the soil. Maybe that was *too* severe, but it was looking really scraggly and I wanted to see if I could encourage it to grow bushy and bloom at a shorter level.

The passiflora that’s growing like MAD in the back corner of the garden needed a big trim, and Tom is going to build me a trellis for it since it did this thing where it wound itself around the doorframe in the lanai and it looks really cool. So if Tom can build me a trellis at the back screen door of the lanai, it can wind itself around there and bloom.

I also took the ivy that was growing in the back of the Passiflora planter and completely pulled it out (so the Passiflora has more room) and gave it its own bowl. I had to cut a lot of it back, and I kinda had to *yank* it out of the planter, but my experience with this particular ivy (one of the very first plants I got when I started my garden three years ago) is that it’s resilient. I do feel bad about the little lizards that hid amongst it, though.

I did tons of pest control- I don’t know what’s going on with the aphid situation but every day there’s a few of them stuck to the buds and new leaves on my hibiscus plants. It drives me batty! They disappear once I hit them with the hose, but then they come back. I really hate doing chemical based pest control inside the lanai, but I may have to bring out the seaweed soap in a stronger concentration and douse that around.


My new hibiscus bloomed! It’s a CRAZY mix of deep red, magenta, and then a bright orange at the edges. It’s amazing. I’m thrilled with it.

The rose clippings that Tom bright back from his mom’s garden are doing okay- pretty soon I’m going to have to split them into their own individual containers but I’m leaving them for now. I know roses can root like crazy so I really do need to keep an eye on it.

My own Floribunda roses seem to be doing good in their new more-sun spots. The yellow one (see above) bloomed and it’s this lovely tangerine color. And the weird coral once is a little more variegated and looks prettier than I remember it being.

Finally I repotted all but one of my geraniums and moved them all under the roofline so that the rain doesn’t keep soaking them. I just got sick of looking at the soaked soil in their pots and how sorry looking they were. We’ll see if they make it- a bunch of them had barely rooted at all and when I removed them from their pots, the majority of the roots did NOT come with the plant, which was a little scary.



I also placed a small first order of seeds for fall planting with a company that is new to me GardenHarvestSupply. I ordered different tomatoes (a few roma tomatoes and a Parker tomato- we like the little ones), two kinds of eggplant, and I ordered two plants- a TRUE rosebud appleblossom geranium (which I have been coveting for years) and a Lemon Slice petunia, which was released this year and I love the look of. I have kind of a Petunia corner going on the opposite end of the pool, so I figured I’ll just dedicate that space to them. Nothing else seems to grow there, so that works for me.

One thing I’m thinking about really trying this year is growing fruit- I’m thinking about a dwarf banana tree, a meyer lemon, a heat tolerant blueberry (all from Park seed- all properly zoned and bred for containers) and a clementine. That will be a bit of an investment, so I’ll probably choose one to start with and see how it goes.


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