Saving Passionfruit Seeds


Back when we lived in Florida I got a few passionfruit from the grocery store once. Being that we started so much from seeds and because we had a natural curiosity to see what would grow, I started the seeds. They did indeed grow and we hand pollinated our vines so we could harvest the fruit. We were successful and enjoyed doing this.

Fast forward many years later to here in Texas and we have a Passiflora ‘incense’ which is a variety. I haven’t seen any fruit from this plant yet and I haphazardly did try to pollinate one of the flowers once this summer. We have native Passiflora incaranta and the tiny Passiflora lutea in the yard, too. I was the grocery store last weekend and our store had a clearance fruit section quite often. This time I was surprsied to see a bag of 12-15 passionfruits for a dollar! I nabbed them up quickly and have eaten on them all week. I opted to save one of them for seeds.



I put the seeds into a jar and will let them ferment for a few days, rinse them, and start the seeds. I want to get them going and then will end up overwintering them so I can plant them next year. We’ll see if this little experiement works!

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