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I must say that I’ve never saved any of my tomato seed. The only type of vegetable seed I’ve ever saved was okra about 2 years ago. After reading up on saving the seeds from tomatoes, it seemed like a long drawn out process that I didn’t really want to mess with. But with the abundance of Roma ‘maters this year I wanted to try to save a few of the seeds and hopefully repeat next year. I was amazed at the simplicity of the whole process and was cussing myself for not doing it sooner.

The only pepper plants doing remotely well are the tabasco pepper plants. I sat out one evening last week and pulled and pulled and pulled. They don’t get very big but it seemed like I was going to have a butt load to bring in. No. Just enough to fill a pint jar. You know that saying, “Big things come in little packages?” This is no exception. I took a bite from one and it packed punch. Juicy too. Never knew a pepper to hold liquid. I went the easy route of preserving these little guys and added a bit of vinegar and pickling salt and a clove of garlic and stuck it in the fridge. After only a few days, the liquid is soooo delicious. Will be great drizzled over a slice a pizza.

Out at the community garden I’m growing these here bean plants. Never having any luck growing beans in the spring, I decided to plant some in late May and see what happened. I couldn’t have been any happier with the result so far.

Just a small amount of bean pods I have picked.

What we have so far. A great starter jar. Hopefully we will have enough to eventually fill 2 pint jars. Growing dry beans is a new experience around here.

Also at the community garden there is a nice okra forest growing. Before (like 5 days or so) we left for vacation there were no flowers even thinking about forming so I figured we would be in the clear and wouldn’t have over sized pods when go back. It’s amazing what nearly two weeks can do. There were pods that were too big, pods that were too small, and pods that were just right. I’ve gone back since and snipped off another nice amount.

I haven’t grown okra in two years. I grew so much the first time that Stephanie said not to grow it again. I figured it had been long enough and planted a nice sized forest of okra. The last time we grew it, we just cut up the pods and threw them in the freezer. I’m sure I’ll do some like that, but I wanted to try a new way to preserve it.

Looking around in the Ball canning book I found a fairy simple recipe for pickled okra. So I set forth on yet another new adventure. I’ve never tried pickled okra before. Wish me luck.

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  1. misti wrote:

    I’m afraid of going to my garden. I have so much to pick and do. I have a bag of peppers I picked last week that I was wanting to can but have yet to do that.

    Maybe I will send you to the garden to work this weekend! HAH!

    Posted 18 Jul 2012 at 9:23 am
  2. Moosie wrote:

    Looking good!

    Posted 07 Aug 2012 at 11:45 am

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