Getting to the root of the problem

Roots. I’m not the scholar when it comes to roots. Frankly, I’m probably in the middle school level on my knowledge of roots. When the topic came up this week for us to right about roots I sent out an email hoping we weren’t going to really write about roots. But alas, we are. So I will. Or I’ll try.



Bermuda grass. If you want to talk about evil, just bring up Bermuda grass. One of the worst things in my garden. This little sprig of grass isn’t much of a problem, but if it were to have a node on it (the stolon), it can turn into a 10 foot piece of hell in just a few weeks. When I use the weedeater in the backyard I have to be careful and no go full power or else I’ll throw lots of little guys like this into my raised beds. When this finally roots, they can be develop for several feet down. Then it starts running. Every foot or so it will root itself again and again and again. Each time sending down roots. At this point you are screwed. Unless you are actually wanting it to grow, then you are in for a really treat! Don’t get me started on the rhizome part of the plant. These little boogers can hide every couple of inches in the ground


Spearmint (all mint) is another plant whose roots can run and be problematic. As you can see in the picture, I planted the mint in a contained space, yet there is a nice new patch several feet away (in Bermuda grass of all things). The roots of the mint are much easier to control, but if you leave just a thumbnail piece, it WILL develop.

Yarrow still grows in the front flower beds, but only because it too is a nuisance. I dug most of it up this past winter and put them in pots. When these get pot bound, I will just take the plant out of the pot and cut the roots to about half the size and re-pot. Doing this doesn’t hurt the plant at all.

As you can see, most of my root knowledge comes from bad experiences in the yard. From this, I learn things to combat them.

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  1. Misti wrote:

    LOL Good post bro! I actually thought you were going to interpret this topic differently, but maybe that will be on your regular blog.

    And grass—ack! Constantly battling that crap…what I love popping up at the tiny pine tree seedlings from the pine mulch.

    Posted 14 Mar 2012 at 8:53 am
  2. Mom wrote:

    Curt you remember the pink yarrow I got at Green Mama’s. I think I pulled it up by mistake. I sure hope some root’s stayed in the ground and will sprout back up. 🙁

    Posted 18 Mar 2012 at 4:39 pm

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