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Slowly we are starting to build up our flowering plant garden again. The ric-rac cactus is a specimen we grew in Florida, where we kept it in a coconut fiber basket and provided a nice nest habitat for some doves in our backyard. See below:

Momma with her nest

We were at Home Depot a few weekends ago getting yet another item for the house when we decided to peruse the plant section of the store. Luckily we’re in a zone that can play with some tropicals and we were mostly eyeing the Pride of Barbados, but once inside we were oohing over the orchids and ‘indoor’ plants. We ended up buying the ric-rac cactus and hung it on our front porch. The previous owners left a pot of begonias.

I’m not sure on the proper scientific name for this plant; the tag didn’t specify. On the internet I’ve seen Cryptocereus anthonyanus as well as Epiphyllum anguliger. Either way, this cactus is normally a tropical epiphyte, meaning it isn’t going to be happy with colder climate and will have to be brought indoors the further north you go. Also, they like bright shade, though we had ours in Florida with quite a lot of sunshine in the afternoon, and the one we have now gets full-on evening sun. While they don’t like to be saturated, they do like to have plenty of water and to be well drained.

If you are interested in propagating more of the plant, all you have to do is take a leaf cutting and stick it in some dirt*. As you can see the cactus has spines but also had aerial roots, which assist with its status as an epiphyte. I don’t recall our ric-rac in Florida ever blooming, but I might be having a lapse in memory. It would be nice to see them in bloom sometime!

*Dirt…soil. Whatever. You call yourself dirty when you play in soil, not ‘soily’. Soil is a technical term; in gardening I like to say dirt.

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  1. chel wrote:

    nice! Tom is into gardening and very interested in my garden, but when I’m in Home Depot or the nursery, he knows to go sit down because it’s going to take a while. Walking down every single aisle of plans and examining them and chatting about them is not his favorite. He’s happy to go with me, though!

    Posted 06 Aug 2012 at 10:20 am
  2. Mom wrote:

    Yay!!! Cool.

    Posted 06 Aug 2012 at 12:30 pm
  3. Daisy Debs wrote:

    ………sorry but I call it “earth”. 🙂

    Posted 27 Apr 2018 at 7:17 am
  4. Daisy Debs wrote:

    I love your photo of the hanging basket with the Doves nesting in amongst your Epie..so sweet ! I have just been tidying up my Epies after the cruel winter here ..lots of buds coming …and the postman brought me a little parcel ..two Epiphyllum Anguliger rooted cuttings that I,d ordered …off to the greenhouse to pot them up ! 🙂 Have a cheerful day ! Debbie 🙂 x

    Posted 27 Apr 2018 at 7:24 am

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