repotting mania, and a new hibiscus

On Saturday we stopped at Home Depot so I could get some containers/planters, and I spotted a strange looking hibiscus… which I had to buy. *sigh* Oh well, plants are usually cheaper than shoes and/or handbags, so at least I can say that. It’s a HibisKiss “Hugs N Kisses” and it just grabbed my attention.

I repotted it earlier this week and moved it out to the far edge of the lanai where I keep all my hibiscus plants.

Today, it started to bloom. This is what it looked like this morning when I started my swim:


And then, two hours later, it looked like this:


It got a lot “warmer” in color, but it opens *very* slowly. It’s probably all the way open by now but it looks pretty stormy outside so I’m not going out there. (Plus, I’m just too tired!)

I just looked it up- last year, from June 1st to September 9th, we had 22 inches of rain.

This year, from the same period (June 1st to September 9th), we’ve had 40 inches of rain.

*sigh*  (yes, I’m sick of the rain! And so are my plants!)

This week was basically EPIC repotting in the garden. Every day Tom has been helping me move plants under the roofline of the lanai, and I’ve been repotting them one by one. Two huge bags of soil have been completely used up in the effort, and what’s left is one giant bin of soaking wet soil sitting and drying out (hopefully).

I decided to keep a lot of the re-potted plants behind  the potting bench (which is under the roof of the house) so they stay dry, at least until this wet patch of weather finally eases up. They won’t get nearly as much sun as in the back corner, where they are usually kept, but at this point preventing the plants from rotting is far more pressing then getting them optimal sun.

I repotted most everything that could be repotted in my garden. The soil in almost all my containers was liquid sludge. It just oozed and poured out instead of crumbling out- I’ve never seen anything like it. Argh- poor plants 🙁 I hope they make it- one of my roses had barely any roots left.

I started the repotting last week and finished today… at least for now. There’s a few more I want to do but right now I just need a break from scooping soil. What a relief it was to get that last pot all tamped

I lost a hydrangea, which I’m not pleased about. But, in a sense, it’s kind of a relief because it had been struggling for a year and I tried everything and it just didn’t bounce back.

One very cool discovery while repotting my orchids- a lizard egg nested in the roots. It was the size and shape and color of a “marshmellow” Jelly Belly jelly bean. I gently removed it and put it in its own little pot with some dry soil and a little peat moss on top, and moved that pot into a warm spot. I don’t know if the egg is viable or not, but I wanted to give it the best chance I could in case it *is* viable. I felt terrible about repotting the orchid when I found that egg, even though it needed it- the bark turned into sludge, too!

My order from Harvest Garden Supply came and it was sort of a wash- everything was nicely packed, the seeds look nice and are in nice packets,  but the two live plants I ordered had mealy bugs on them (easily remedied with a misting by the hose) and one of the live plants (SuperBells) was different from what I ordered. Same plant, different color. But they refunded the cost of that plant immediately (plus a bit extra for shipping) and are not making me return the plant, so I was fairly pleased with the experience. As long as the Applebud Geranium (the other live plant in the order- the one I REALLY wanted and the reason I ordered from them in the first place) makes it, I’ll be happy.

Oh, and finally some veggies in the garden- a roma tomato and an eggplant plant. Both picked up at Home Depot and both planted Sunday. I had the seeds for both, but when I saw the new shipment of super healthy veggie plants at Home Depot, I had to pick those two up since they are our “main” vegetable plants in the garden every year. Hope they make it through this horrible soggy weather.

Sunshine, pretty please!

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  1. Misti wrote:

    I’ll take even the 22 inches. Drought, drought, drought.

    Posted 12 Sep 2013 at 6:15 pm

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