Relishing the Cusp of Change


It’s coming, only three weeks now, that big and exciting F word….FALL! I know there were a lot of people out there trying to hold onto the lasts strands of summer, but I’m not. Me, I’m ready for cooler weather, not mowing every week (yes, I let my grass get a little taller than average for many folks in the summer), and it getting dark a little bit earlier. Ok, that last bit comes with some reticence because I really do enjoy being able to work until 8-8:45 in the summer outside, but with the early darkness means I can focus on doing indoor activities like crocheting, writing, art, and reading once again. I know I’ll be cussing this come December, but for now I’m looking forward to it.

The variegated plumeria and the other plumerias are in need of being put into permanent containers. They’ll start dropping their leaves here in a few months and I’ll drop back the watering so they don’t rot.

The shade seed collection we planted in the spring has done well and I’m loving them. I hope they reseed themselves and I can enjoy them again next year.


That’s a juvenile leaf-footed bug there on the coleus. I meant to squish it but didn’t.


The cultivar Eustoma, aka: bluebell, has been blooming very well and there are even seed pods on some of the spent flowers that I hope will reseed in the same place for next year.

My brother enticed me to start growing anise hyssop and while the plant hasn’t bushed out very well, it has sent up a flower.

And finally the Amish cockscomb, which I’m ecstatic to be growing. It reminds me of my great-grandmother who grew it outside of her back door.

The weather these last few days has really been reminiscent of Fall and it is making me want pumpkin spiced lattes!

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  1. chel wrote:

    Oh, that variegated plumeria made me swoon a little! Our one stalk is doing pretty good, but the other two are still just big stalks in dirt. One has tiny leaves on it, but the other is mush. The company was great and sent replacements, but I am not going to plant them until November, when the rain and humidity has eased up. I learned my lesson :/

    Posted 07 Sep 2013 at 6:14 pm

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