(really crummy photos of) my garden, right now

Here are some really crummy iPhone photos of my garden taken at exactly the wrong time of day. But I figured I might do a quick overview of what’s happening out there.

When Tom’s not quite as busy, I’ll have him go out at sunset with his good camera and take better shots. But in the meantime:


The garden is now working its way down the lanai. It’s mostly new hibiscus, plus my bromeliad collection (now in one giant pot!) and a sunflower I am trying to patiently wait to evolve into seeds. The round orbs are solar lights that come on at sunset.


What the “row” of plants looks like headed to the back of the lanai, where the bulk of the garden is.


Approaching the bulk of the container garden… (out that side door is one of my mini hummingbird/butterfly gardens)


I try and make little pathways between the groups of pots and planters so that the cats can get in and out. If I don’t leave space for them to go right up to the screen (so they can watch the birds) they *make* a path through whatever plant is blocking them, so I’ve found that if I leave spaces, they tend to leave my plants alone.

To the right is two planters of coleus, plus a shrimp plant I recently *really* cut back. Behind is some vinca and a gloxinia.


I just cut back the Phlox yesterday… and on the left is a succulent I have had since I started gardening.


More succulents, one of my camellia bonsai (way too young to be doing much of anything), and a start pot of alyssum.


I planted a few nasturtiums into the big eggplant planter. They aren’t blooming, but their leaves are lovely.


Hiding in there are a few eggplant…


I got a tad bit obsessed with geranium this past fall. (Apologies for the horrible photo). In the back are the tomato plants, another eggplant, and a few other things.)


Some of the geranium. I really want an orange one, and a purple one.

img_0173.jpgBuddha with basil. (the plastic strips across the tops of the pots are waterproof tape- I use it to keep the cats from digging in the pots until the seedlings are big enough to fill out the space).


Basil, bromeliad, a bonsai tree, a small coleus, an orchid, passiflora, and a planter with a bunch of different plants in it (aspargus fern, sweet potato vine, and something that Gracie brought home from camp last summer that turned into a weird giant succulent tree-thing..)


Looking down the pool. The first few pots are nasturtiums, which I’m re-growing (too many reds), and then another passiflora, some hydrangea, lots of hibiscus.


Finally, a quick shot of the passiflora that has no grown over one of the walls out back. I moved another of the passiflora (I have four, total) to the wall, as well, and it’s growing like crazy. One is white/blue and the other is red, so it’s beautiful when the two different plants are blooming together on the wall.
Behind the wall of passiflora are more plants- a camellia, some creeping Jenny, some kinda flowering succulent, some sunflower seedlings, a few orchids, and four nasturtiums. Oh, and two small planters of catnip.
Not pictured are the giant planter of nasturtiums I planted at the other end of the pool, and the other side garden (hummingbird/butterfly). And then there’s the front yard in front of my art studio, which is now a hodgepodge of stuff that outgrew my container garden: two roses, coleus, two lantana, a big jasmine plant, a hibiscus, and a bunch of crown of thorns, plus some pots with nasturtium and croton.
Coming later this spring: a sunflower garden on the side of the house.

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  1. Chris wrote:

    I liked seeing your garden chel! Does Misti have your address? I have some variegated sunflower seeds that I think you would like.

    Posted 22 Feb 2013 at 9:32 am
  2. misti wrote:

    Your photos aren’t crummy, they look good!

    And you have such a nice view!

    Posted 24 Feb 2013 at 5:37 pm
  3. Donna wrote:

    No your photos are great!!!!!!!! You are so dedicated to those plants!!!!

    Posted 26 Feb 2013 at 8:42 pm

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