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If you’ve been reading Sprout for a while, you probably know that my garden is really centered around flowers.

I actually started the garden with every intention of  it being a vegetable garden, but after the first few harvests, I realized that a container garden is not the best place for growing certain foods.

For instance, we eat a ton of salad (huge bowls every night) and I eat a lot of leaf spinach, but one container full of those things barely fills a salad bowl after being harvested. It was a lot of soil and resources for tiny yields of food, especially for those plants that grow deep roots and decimate a pot full of soil, making it useless for growing another round of anything. I am a believer in recycling my soil as often as possible, and it’s amazing how much soil can get “used up” by certain plants.

Over the last few years I’ve stuck to growing veggies that do well in containers-  basically, plants that grow *up*, and not plants that grow out or down. We tried carrots and onions and both were not successful. I also try and grow only what we eat- we’ve done peas and beans, but they never got eaten. Peas are SO much fun to grow but for some reason, they just aren’t in our diet.

My veggie garden consists of lots of eggplants, tomatoes, basil, and, now, peppers. This week we had a great harvest of tomatoes and basil (see above). The peppers have been a surprising success. We got quite a few from just two plants. The broccoli is steadily growing bigger every day.

I’m also trying to figure out if there are any veggies and fruits we can grow that might be worth adding to our diet. I’ll be honest- I’m a super picky eater. SUPER picky. I’m also a long-time vegetarian, as is my husband. I eat lots of veggies but just *certain* ones, and I’ll eat the same meal every day for years without wanting to change it up. My husband is a lot more adventurous, but in general, we’re in a solid food routine and we stick with it because it’s healthy and easy and has worked for us with our schedules and our total lack of interest in cooking. (I love to grow things, I love to eat (some) things, but I don’t like to COOK things.)

Right now, at the tail end of spring/beginning of summer here in Florida, the *end* of our growing season because of the heat, I’m thinking ahead to fall and what I can grow in our containers. That’s my little garden research project. I do want to put in some beds- we don’t have much space around our house, but we do have *some* space, and I think we could use it efficiently if the light is okay and I get can regular water to it.

One thing I *do* wish we could do is raise chickens for eggs. My husband eats a lot of eggs, and finding TRULY humane eggs was a bit of a challenge. He did a lot of research and shopping around and finally found some at Whole Foods, which is an hour away from here. It’d be lovely to have a supply out our back door. However, that’s most likely NOT going to happen, not with the city restrictions and the limited open space on our property. But it’s something I want to learn about, even if I can’t actually make it happen.

[And hey, if I win the lottery, I am totally buying the house next door (a vacation rental) knocking it down, and building myself a little private park/big garden WITH chickens. A girl can dream, can’t she? ;)]

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