Quiet in the Garden

Do I write about more grey days? It feels like that now, just a bunch of grey days to write about. A few days of sunshine followed by a couple of days of dreary rain. It’s par for the course this time of year. Pair that with the return to Standard Time here in the U.S. and that makes for some very light gardening time during the week.

Over the weekend we were fairly busy around the yard, not hitting it nearly as hard as we have in the last few months, however. Since this is the time of year to plant trees we were finally able to get a few in the ground. A couple of cypress we’re putting down at the pond are still on hold because we need to finish burning the downed sweet gum and Chris says he’s going to cut down a Chinese tallow that’s on the very corner of our property and the neighbors that we never see. Another tree is waiting for us to agree on a spot for it in the yard, and yet another tree is waiting for another few logs to finish smoldering and burning in the front yard, where the water oak used to be. We’re planting a bur oak in that place. It sounds like we had a lot of trees stacked up, and we did.

As plants die back in the flower garden I’m trying to trim up dead bits and pieces as I can, removing them to the compost pile. Sometimes I let the flower heads stay for awhile, but eventually I trim it up. I can tell I’ll have to pull some overzealous Salvia coccinea that readily spread throughout the garden, come spring, but for the winter I’ll leave it for the wildlife. Oh, we’ll be keeping the plant around, but it really doesn’t need to take over most of the front flower bed!

We also planted quite a bit of winter vegetables over the weekend. I pulled out some of the tomatoes I’d been leaving around, keeping only about four plants, including the tomatillos. I did end up finding a small Green Sausage tomato fruit, which gave me hope for more fruits before frost. What’s funny is that we’ll be able to start seeds here in two months—-only two months! At least this time around we’ll have the garden beds ready and we can get them in the ground on time for a full harvest next spring.

So, in the ground went a bunch of ‘greens’: kale, collards, dill, chard, kohlrabi, bok choi, spinach. I think that was it. As I was picking out the weeds that were popping up where the garic was planted I nearly picked the top of a garlic that was emerging. Close call! That garlic has now emerged several inches but its friends have not followed suit yet.

I’m kind of glad for the slow down. Sometimes it can get overwhelming in the middle of summer to keep up with everything, but at the same time I’m a little wistful for being able to enjoy a good hour of gardening when I get home—as it is I can barely get 30-45 minutes and it will only get worse until Winter Solstice.

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  1. chel wrote:

    It sounds like my summer 🙁 It’s a big change, to be sure. I garden in the morning so I’m pretty happy about the time shift, but I used to be outside all afternoon and evening and when the time shifted, it was SO hard for me to adjust to. I hope there are brighter days in your garden soon. And how are the bees doing?

    Posted 09 Nov 2013 at 9:02 am

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