pruning, fertilizing, and plumeria weirdness

This week was all about PRUNING. My gosh, I forgot how much plants will grow in the spring months in Florida. Every day I had big piles of clipped leaves and branches and spent flowers all over the place.

Oh, and I fertilized today. Big job, which I kinda hate. But then I am so happy when it’s all done. The fertilizer I use comes in pellets and lasts for about six months, give or take. I don’t like liquids because of the run off, and a lot of other fertilizer options are not great for container gardens or cause major phosphate issues with the pool. These pellets release a tiny bit of fertilizer every time I water, and when the pellet dissolves, it’s time to spread more.

Here’s some randomness from around the garden:

Phlox! Not a very flashy plant, but when they get large, I love the way they look. These seeds took FOREVER to germinate. Literally several months.


Okay, I know this is the worst photo ever but since this planter is on the far wall of the hot tub* I had to take it with my digital zoom on my camera.

But that plumeria cutting is really growing in a weird way. Instead of leaves coming out of the cutting (see photo below), another thick stalk shot up from the center of the cutting and there are all these tiny red buds on it. It freaks me out, but also fascinates me. I have no idea what’s going on, but I look forward to checking the “progress” of that weird stalk thing every day. (eta: Upon googling this, apparently they are buds- for flowers! That was excellent news. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.)

(*hot tub is basically just nothing at the moment- we’re not really jacuzzi kinda people. I want to turn it into a water garden/pond but that’s still up in the air as it filters through the pool and if we ever had a leak, the pool would basically receive all the “pond” water. Glurk. )

Top of one of my other plumeria cuttings forming leaves (with a photobomb courtesy of my foot- I was going to crop it out but I decided not to. Those are my ugly gardening/water shoes.)

Hibiscus! From seed! After trying this TEN times, I finally got one of the hibiscus seeds to germinate! Maybe this is a very common accomplishment for gardeners, but after so many failed tries, I am guarding this thing like it’s a chest of gold.

Succulent clippings from other plants doing fairly well.

Copper coleus. A plant I wanted for a long time, finally got the seeds for. It’s very touchy, though- not nearly as hearty as the other coleus I have grown so it’s easily overtaken when its not in its own planter. So now I have a few of these coleus in tiny pots around the garden.

The veggies- broccoli, four pepper plants, and the tomato.

A dormant hibiscus comes back to life (finally).

Some nasturtium.

Petunias, which I have a ton of this year. Petunia seeds are pretty much dust, so I never know how many I am planting. I apparently planted MANY of them.

Wow, these photos are terrible. I would retake them but it’s now almost 8pm on a Friday evening, so … I will just have to apologize for hurting your eyes with my non-brilliant iPhone photography and promise to try better next week.

What’s up in your garden?

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  1. Donna wrote:

    It’s blooming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The plumeria is blooming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 03 Mar 2014 at 5:23 pm

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