When I started gardening a few years ago, it was sort of like a mad scientist’s lab. I pretty much planted anything and everything, despite zone issues, soil and hydration requirements, sun vs. shade, etc. I had no idea what I was doing, so I did whatever I wanted.

That first summer was a doozy. Most of what I had planted and babied through the Florida winter died pretty quickly after the summer storm season got underway. And the idea of fussing with delicate little flowers that were meant to be grown in the Northwest started to wear on me.


I don’t regret all that experimenting- I discovered that I could do a lot more in my garden than what people assume can be done with a bunch of containers and some soil and a hose. I could successfully plant and grow MANY plants that were not supposed to do well in Florida. I could coax annuals through several years instead of several months simply by paying close attention to the way the light changed, and what the plant needed. I “mashed up” lots of different plants in the same containers and created my own little oasis, literally from scratch.

Over the years, I have found myself gravitating towards more tropical, year-round flowers. Last year I received a few plumeria cuttings for my birthday, and they didn’t do too well since I planted them . But I managed to get three of them to stay alive over the winter, and early this spring they finally started to really take root, grow, and start to flower.

My first plumeria bloomed a few months ago.

Then, this week, another bloomed.


And another one shot up buds. I have no idea what color it is since I didn’t label the cuttings when I planted them (of course…) and lost track of which color was in which pot. So it might be yellow, might be red, might be another pink, might be white. We’ll see.


I am just thrilled that I finally have more of a year-round garden, and even though the watering has sort of been taken care of thanks to the rainy weather, there’s still lots to do and see out there…

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