Plant of the Month: Vareigated Brugmansia

variegated brugmansia 4

variegated brugmansia

variegated brugmansia 2

variegated brugmansia3

We bought this variegated brugmansia a month or so ago and put in the new flower bed. I’m not sure which color this one is going to end up being, likely pink or the peaches and cream variety, but hopefully we’ll know here in a few months. Chris and I are kind of variegated plant nuts—he is more than I am—but I really love the variegation on this plant. Some variegated plants make me cringe so while we love variegation we definitely do not buy every variety.

I’m hoping to start a new plant of the month showcase once a month here on my section of Sprout Dispatch, a plant that is unique or one that I especially like.

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