passiflora canopy

About two years ago, I relocated one of my passiflora plants to the back of my screened-in lanai. After winding around the trellis that Tom (my husband) built for it, it began clinging to the screen and I decided to let it go ahead and do that, and see what happened.


Flash forward to now: the vine has taken over one panel of the lanai screen ceiling. It does provide a little more shade for the back of the garden than I would like, but it’s created a little oasis/secret garden back there.

Mostly, it’s leaves. But twice a year, it explodes into bloom, so it’s like a canopy of HUGE plate-sized, unusual, fragrant flowers overhead. ┬áIt’s pretty spectacular.

A few weeks ago, the bloom started, and I got Tom to snap a few photos:







Because they are inside a screened-in lanai, the blooms rarely (if ever) get pollinated.

The clean-up is a kind of a pain: because the blooms only last a day, every morning there’s about 20 spent buds on the ground. But that’s a really small price to pay for a canopy of such beautiful flowers.



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