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You might remember that last year I got a little obsessed with passiflora, and wound up getting ordering four different varieties of them from Hirt’s. All four of the plants took off as soon as I repotted them, and grew like crazy. However, only two of them bloomed.

One of them (I believe it’s a Cerulean Blue) started blooming immediately, and continued blooming regularly since I received it. This week it put on an especially spectacular show:


The other, a Lady Margaret, bloomed a few months after I received it and is sort of sporadic- it blooms a lot, and then it sort of quiets down and grows about eight feet of vines, and then it blooms again. I have to admit, it’s not my favorite plant because the ants go crazy for it. They congregate on the flowers and while I’m normally not anti-bug, it’s pretty aggressive. I learned the hard way NOT to pinch off the wilted blooms with my hands because I had an army of ants swarming up my arm. Blech.

Anyway, this week, the other two passiflora *finally* started showing little buds at the very tops of the tallest vines! I know it sounds super dorky, but I’m really kind of excited about it. I have forgotten what varieties these two passiflora are, and I’m deliberately not looking it up so I can be surprised when the flowers *do* open. It kinda feels like Christmas! 😉

The best thing about passiflora is watching the flowers open. It’s actually dramatic- I’ve seen a lot of flowers bloom, but the Passiflora actually put on a bit of a show. The flowers open over the span of about 10-20 minutes, and since I’m usually swimming back and forth in the pool when it happens, I get to see the flower unfurl. It’s really quite cool.

In other garden news- I started ordering seeds for summer. I decided to try out Park Seeds this time. I’ve never ordered from them before, and they are bit more expensive than Botanical Interests or Renees, but they have some varieties that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

I wound up ordering a few petunia varieties (Opera Supreme Lilac Ice, Double Cascade, Dolcissima Fragolino, Dolcissima Flambe, and Aladdin Nautical Mix), plus some phlox and a packet of Maracas Brazilian Fireworks seeds. That should get me started and fill up the blank spaces that are gradually being created by the wilting nasturtium As the summer goes on, and I see how the petunias actually do in *my* garden, I’ll either order more seeds or just go back to my trusted summer staple: sunflowers.

At some point I’d like to hit the local garden stores/nurseries and see what’s new, but for now, I am just focusing on what’s out there and seeing what the next few weeks bring, weather-wise.

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  1. Misti wrote:

    My Passiflora incarnata sprouted this week. I’m excited for it to start growing.

    Have you been to ?

    Posted 22 May 2013 at 9:47 pm

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