orchids, orchids, orchids…

orchids, spring 2015

orchids, spring 2015

This has been a banner year for my orchids. I now have seven of them- I had four, and in the last few months, Gracie and Tom added three more to the collection.

They usually bloom in spring/early summer, but this year every single one of them came into bloom at the same time. It’s crazy and beautiful and a little unreal- even though I’ve had my oldest orchid for about eleven years, every time they bloom I still can’t believe they are real. They are just *so* beautiful, and they last so long, and they require so little care. It’s unfathomable to me that every household doesn’t have one.

At this moment, we have six orchids in the kitchen, one in my art studio, and one outside (which has some ants on it, so we let the lizards deal with that…)


orchids, 2015

This is my newest orchid- when Tom and Gracie were at Lowe’s to run an errand, they picked this orchid up for me as a little surprise. I love the colors.


orchids, 2015

My bean orchid from last year. Its blooms lasted months and months and months and it rebounded so quickly.


orchids, 2015

This one Gracie got me for Valentine’s Day. She chose it because it was fully in bloom, and the flowers are HUGE. The lady at the shop warned her that because all the flowers were open already, it might not last long, but Gracie had her mind made up. Two months later, it looks exactly as it did the day I got it. (Yes, I double checked that it was real!)


orchids, 2015

I *think* this is my oldest orchid- eleven years old. It went dormant for a large part of that because I had it in a crummy pot and had no idea what I was doing, so I basically ignored it. When I finally got my gardening thing going, I started paying attention to it and it came back.


orchids, 2015

This year it had multiple stalks/spikes, about four, which is the most I’ve ever gotten on an orchid.


orchids, 2015

This guy had three spikes. The flowers are so delicate and beautiful.

It’s funny, because when I’m at the nursery or the home improvement store, I run to look at the more unusual plants, and the hibiscus. I only look at the orchids when I’m on my way out. But they are one of my favorite plants, and they seem to really like whatever it is about our particular environment and location. I should start paying more attention to them when I am out (they are EVERYWHERE- the grocery store, Trader Joe’s, hardware store, etc.) , but I think I’d wind up with hundreds…

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  1. Misti wrote:

    So jealous of your orchids! I miss having them. Chris’ grandmother passed on an orchid she got at Christmas and it stayed alive in our kitchen until a few weeks ago. It needed to be moved long before that and is now toast. 🙁

    I’m sure you know, but sometimes if you leave the spike on Phalenopsis they will re-bloom for you if they continue to stay green. We always left our spikes on for awhile to decide if it would bloom again or not.

    Posted 14 Apr 2015 at 10:54 am
  2. chel wrote:

    Thank you for this tip! I didn’t know about the spike staying green. I’m trying it with the big white orchid- it shed its blooms this week and the tip of the spike turned brown, but the rest is green so I am letting it be and seeing if it might just bloom again (fingers crossed!)

    Posted 27 Apr 2015 at 9:09 am
  3. Misti wrote:


    Posted 28 Apr 2015 at 9:53 am

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