Onward to Spring


Winter just officially started but I’ve never considered mid-December the real start to winter. That’s always in November sometime, whenever the first real cold front comes through. That’s about when this blog went into hibernation, November 11th. I think we all needed a break though. We’re coming up on two years of writing here, can you believe that?

There hasn’t been a lot of gardening going on in the last six weeks or so. Most of the flower garden has gone dormant, though the plants that haven’t seem to be the die-hards and I’m glad there’s some green in the garden still.

Out in the vegetable garden we’ve been mostly hands off since planting a lot of items in mid to late fall. I guess the last things we planted were leeks and right before that onions. These bok choi are getting almost to the size to begin harvesting. Bok choi is one of my favorite greens, with a very mild and slightly buttery flavor, it is perfect for sauteing and also works great in smoothies.


One of the first greens we grew back in September was arugula. It is a little past its prime, but still edible. However, there are a few plants attempting to bolt already. As you can see, we grew more than we could eat! Hiding beyond that is radishes and onions.

Here are two beds, the one on the left with the most growth is broccoli rapini. Beyond that is the bok choi and I think kohl rabi. To the right is the collard, kale, and spinach bed, with leeks at the end. The bed on the right was slow to germinate and thus does not look nearly as full. I guess that just means we’ll have a good bit of greens for mid-spring.

Of course the bed that is the fullest is the lettuce, daikon radish, and carrot bed. I’m not sure if the carrots are ready yet, they weren’t a few weeks ago, but the daikon radishes are and we’ve been eating them several times a week now.

And just recently the turnips have decided to bulb up quickly. I guess we’ll be adding that to our meal plan, too.

I’ll leave you with the blackberry lily seeds that I see every time I walk out my front door. They bring a little bit of color to a mostly desolate and brown garden.

Are you still hibernating through winter? If not, tell me what you are growing!

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  1. Curtis wrote:

    Your borage is blooming? Dang. Mine seems to have just sprouted.

    Posted 01 Jan 2014 at 10:58 am
  2. Misti wrote:

    OH yeah, that plant has been going since last spring.

    Posted 01 Jan 2014 at 11:25 am
  3. chel wrote:

    January is a bit of a hibernation kinda month. I come off the chaos of the holidays needing some quiet, and then we tend to get foggy and dreary weather (but cool, thank goodness) so that compounds it. I am going to start some more geranium seeds today, and I am also giving some serious through to growing sprouts and microgreens this year for my salads and sandwiches, inside the house. I’m just starting to think about that, but it’s appealing to me.

    Posted 05 Jan 2014 at 9:02 am

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