On Becoming A Gardener


“Any garden demands as much of its maker as he has to give. But I do not need to tell you, if you are a gardener, that no other undertaking will give as great a return for the amount of effort put into it.”—Elizabeth Lawrence

I’ve rewritten this post twice, each time not feeling what I was writing was clear. My ramblings and jumbled thoughts kept coming out of my head and falling onto this internet ‘table’ in a pile of messy notes. And then I thought maybe I’d just leave here with a photo and quote, to which I went to the web to find an Elizabeth Lawrence quote—and this one suited what I was attempting to write here.

Gardening is hard work. Hard work—but rewarding. You have to put in the toil and labor, to want the garden and want the effort involved in putting one together. My messy thoughts were attempting to explain my feelings when on the many occassions I would post a photo to Facebook about the building of either the vegetable or flower garden, that somewhere in the midst of the comments of how nice it was looking, there were always a comment from people who I could tell were wistful and wishing they could have a garden themselves.

And you can! You can! It doesn’t need to be fancy to start, in fact I’d suggest it not be. Start in containers, in a bit of dirt where landscapers put hideous standarized hedges in. Rip ’em out and put something else in. Read! Read all you can about gardening—in magazines, blogs, forums. Soak in the information and keep on going from there. Reading helps you figure out where to begin, what plants are good for your area, what plants you want to drool over. And after you are done reading—start planting! Get out there and just do it! Trial and error will happen—you will kill plants! Accept it and move on—throwing the dead plant in the compost bin after. Buy another one if you know what went wrong the first time, if not, read about diseases and habitat requirements before trying again. Or give up and admire the plant in another garden instead. Sometimes you have to go that way in gardening, enjoying a plant elsewhere or even just in photos.

But, gardening, anyone can garden. It’s like any other hobby, you just have to have the desire to go forward and try it.

So stop being afraid or hesitant or thinking you need everything perfect to garden and start by planting some seeds or a tree (during the right time of year of course!), or even a flat of marigolds from the big box store. We all start somewhere, right?

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  1. Patrice wrote:

    Good post, but I don’t think I can have a garden in the van 🙂

    Posted 16 Oct 2013 at 2:49 pm

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