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A month or so ago we ventured out to our local plant nursery since it was spring and we had a renewed interest in our garden once again. We toured the areas under the shade cloth and spotted a pot of nun’s orchid, Phaius tankervilleae. I had wanted some for awhile, especially since we used to have a lot of orchids in Florida, but we just aren’t in a climate, now, where we can leave them out all winter. However, these were ground orchids that we could potentially leave in the ground during the winter and they would return every year. With our protected garden area on the south side of the house we have been able to overwinter some more tropical plants that might have otherwise succumbed to a freeze in the open areas of the garden. This is where the orchid will go. Right now it is still in the pot next to the large pine log pot Chris made a month or so ago, waiting for us to put it in the ground.

I’m really loving the blooms and will look forward to it being a great addition to our garden. Here’s hoping it survives our winter!

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