new workspace / new seeds!

My Passiflora (the first one I got, I now have four total) bloomed again yesterday! Pretty exciting, since I really worried that its little vacation into the garage during Hurricane Isaac would really hurt all the tiny buds that were on the plant when we had to transfer it. But they are still growing.

new garden station

One unexpected benefit of Isaac: the lanai (where my container garden is) had to be COMPLETELY emptied. And when we put everything back, we TOTALLY edited.  Which means that instead of having a tiny little workspace on the ground in between the barbecue and a chaise lounge, I now get a HUGE area of the lanai for all my gardening supplies and to spread out and work within!

Tom has been planning to build me a potting bench for a while, and he will as soon as the weather cools and he can work in the garage without being cooked.

So in the meantime, I’m using the big outdoor table as a potting station. Tom pushed it against the wall where we used to keep the barbecue, and I arranged all my pots and tools and odds and ends around it. You can’t see it in the photo, but there’s a giant bin of potting mix to the left, so I can just reach down and scoop. It is SO NICE. It is so nice not to have to squat on the pavers and step around all the pots and planters and bags of different stuff.

I wasn’t expecting this when Isaac started heading our way, but now I’m super happy we *had* to do all that work, because we wouldn’t have rearranged the lanai without being “motivated” to.

pots and planters all ready for new seeds

In other news, my first seed order for fall arrived- from Burpee. The seed packets were very generic, no photos, black and white. And much more expensive online than in the stores. However, several of the varieties I ordered were online-exclusive (or not sold around here), so I sort of didn’t have a choice.

Yesterday I planted four varities of sunflower and three varities of tomato. We had a HUGE storm all night, so I’m not sure if the seeds were mixed up (ugh), washed away, or if they made it. Only time will tell, I guess.

Next is planting nasturtiums. I am going to try and use the MYRIAD of seeds I already have on hand before ordering anything new. I have four planters all ready to go for the Nasturtiums.

My Ranunculus bulbs did not come with the rest of my Burpee order… but I think they are shipping later this month. I am anxious to get them.

early fall garden

And finally, here’s a quick shot of my garden as it looks right now. Notice the ever present Gardening Helper Cat in the photo (Ginger).

Yay for fall! What are your fall garden plans?

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  1. Moosie wrote:

    It looks so peaceful out there.

    Posted 07 Sep 2012 at 12:10 pm

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