new growth

One of my absolute favorite things in the garden is when I spot new growth.

It can be anything- seeds starting to sprout, new buds forming on exiting plants, a little spot of green on a branch, a tiny fruit starting to form. This is a pot of “sprouts” that I found growing in the cracks in the pavement next to my Vinca planter. I decided to give them a home.




The nasturtium seeds (mostly pale colors and whites) that I planted a while back finally popped up. Even though I knew they sometimes take a while to germinate, I always am *right* on the cusp of giving up on them, and then I’ll go out one morning and spot this:


I love that they sort of pop up with two leaves already formed, like a tiny tree.

My geranium are all blooming like crazy, which I LOVE.


I know they are considered a basic, kinda-boring flower, but I really love them. Especially *right* before they bloom, when the flowers look like tiny rosebuds.


And finally, my favorite new growth of all:


sprout3.jpgThis is a rose bush that was NOt doing good in our front yard. So Tom trimmed it back and replanted it in a large container so I could see if some TLC might bring it back to life. I really did trim most of the plant away after he repotted it for me, so I wasn’t sure it would make it- it looked pretty much gone.

But then I went outside and spotted little tiny shoots of green, all over the plant. It made me SO happy!

New growth in the spring = goodness.

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