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Getting new plants is pretty exciting for me. It’s almost like when you got a new toy when you were a kid. So much possibility! What will happen with them? How will they fit in with the rest of the garden? It’s like a new story to be part of.

Last weekend stopped at Home Depot to pick up a new hose for the garden (it’s lightweight! It COILS! It has a long wand so I can finally water the giant container of tomato plants without having to shuffle my way back there! It doesn’t decapitate my plants!) and some larger pots.

I tried *so* hard to resist looking at the plants while we were there. I walked down the aisles, reminding myself “you just transplanted some to the yard, you need to downsize, don’t even think about it…” I chanted “no, not gonna look, nope, not gonna look” under my breath and marching purposefully towards the checkout and the gate back to the car. I would resist!

But then I saw them:

Two GORGEOUS, strange hibiscus. Gracie “ooooohed” over them and Tom commented that they looked like alien plants- their blooms were HUGE.

I just wanted to *look* at them. You know, as a means of a gardener getting more information. Picking up knowledge. Just LOOKING, no buying.

But then I saw the price.  On sale – super cheap. I started negotiating with myself in my head, and out loud to Tom. Gracie sighed and found a place to sit because she knew she was in for a few minutes of me saying “I’m not buying them…. but, oh they are so beautiful! But I have too many plants… But I have never seen anything like this before!”

I wanted them for ME, for my container garden, but then I realized we had two spaces in the front yard that were desperate for something show-stopping. Problem solved. The two hibiscus plants were coming home, but the sprinklers and nature would tend to them.

Then I saw the other Temptation:

… A beautiful tea rose. Supposedly “carefree”. Hmmmm. On sale, too.

Again, I wanted it for the container garden, but I justified it by buying it for the front yard. I can see it out the window, enjoy it, but I don’t have to repot it as it grows and grows. Plus, I REALLY hate thorns- I have a little rose from seed (Angel Wings) in my garden and its tiny, tiny thorns REALLY bug me. For some reason, its like they are magnetically attracted to me. So giant thorns = no way.

So, we got three (well, three so far, keep reading… ) new plants. FOR THE YARD, not for the garden. I have the rose and the two hibiscus on the back porch, where I am giving them some extreme TLC before they are transplanted- lots of water and fertilizer. Then they will go into their new homes, and I can enjoy them from my windows and on my walks outside.

But, I have a confession… I took cuttings from both the hibiscus and the rose, and I’m trying to propagate them. *sigh*  I KNOW, I know! But I just couldn’t resist. Especially that hibiscus. I have a dwarf hibiscus in my container garden and it’s been a joy to grow and tend to. So of course I want another. It’s just- no room at the moment. So maybe if I start small, from a cutting, I can slowly *make* room. The rose would be fine for the back porch in a big pot to start with.

I put one set of cuttings in clear glass jars of fresh water in the sunshine, and did a little “greenhouse” action with the other pair of cuttings (planted them in very moist potting mix and tented with ziplocs). I have to admit that the “glass-jar-stem-in-water” method has always worked best for me even though most gardeners think it’s unreliable. We’ll see if roots develop.

Anyway- back to Home Depot. Before we checked out, Tom (yes, I’ll blame him…) had to go and point out two other plants:

A red neon grafted cactus, and a small bromeliad just coming into bloom. They were both small and super cheap, so they came home, as well. I’m starting to feel myself get obsessed with Bromeliads. They are easy to tend, they multiply (which for some gardeners is a bad thing, but I love it!), and they look super cool. I have one neon cactus which has basically lumped up since I got it a year ago, so it was fun to put the little red one next to it.

Anyway, new plants. A chance to try out my propagation skills. And the front yard gets prettier. And I got a new hose. What more can I ask for?

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  1. linda wrote:

    amazing plants – they do look alien cool 🙂 I have never tried propagation… still trying to just get things to grow. This week there has been too much water in Italy – I think all my seedlings are drowning!

    Posted 13 Apr 2012 at 11:07 am
  2. Moosie wrote:

    Those look good. I know what you mean about not buying more plants. I went to Lowes yesterday looking for an eggplant and something for ants. Well I left with a lot more. I am always jealous when I hear that Curtis and Misti have gone plant shopping and I didn’t get to go. I tell them if they take me I will buy them stuff too!

    Posted 13 Apr 2012 at 5:27 pm
  3. Moosie wrote:

    Of course Misti is a little to far away for me to go with and it’s usually just not convenient for me to go with Curtis. Our schedules don’t jive or such. When we do get together it sure is fun!!!

    Posted 13 Apr 2012 at 10:25 pm
  4. misti wrote:

    I’ve been resisting non-edible plants for so long but I miss them so much!

    Posted 13 Apr 2012 at 11:19 pm
  5. Moosie wrote:

    Misti I can’t wait for you to be able to get flowers for your house (when you get one). It will be so fun buying stuff!!!!!

    Posted 14 Apr 2012 at 2:37 pm

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