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The hibiscus that I mentioned last week bloomed and it is a beautiful raspberry color:



Now, of course, I want more. In all colors. The problem is that most hibiscus are not dwarf sized, and therefore will outgrow their containers very quickly.


One of my favorite hibiscus, the Sprinkle Rain (above), is already outgrowing its very large planter and rooting out from the bottom. In the next few weeks, Tom is going to rip out the coleus in the little garden in front of the house and transplant the Sprinkle Rain there. I’ll miss having it in the back, but the upsides to moving it are that I will get to see if from my art studio window, it will have lots more room to grow, and I get a space (and a planter) for a NEW hibiscus in the container garden.


In other news, we’re finally starting to let Milo, our four month old kitten, out on the screened in lanai. He’s too little to be allowed out there all day, but when I’m swimming, I let him come out with me and keep an eye on him while he’s out there.

Of course, he LOVES the container garden. It’s sort of funny to watch him because while he doesn’t dig (Chester is a master digger), he thinks NOTHING of just climbing up into the pots and sitting right on top of the plants. He thinks they are all little elevated chairs and stools for him to just lay in and fall asleep in.

He also likes to sit in the nooks and crannies in between the pots and nap or roll around.


Due to Milo’s tendency to SIT directly on top of seedlings and small plants, I decided to make some shifts to the back corners of the garden, where I had a few planters going with sunflower seedlings plants just starting out. I pulled out those planters, Tom moved the giant tomato planter/trellis into the back corner, and shifted a few things over. I like it. And Milo now can just squeeze under and between the planters rather than trampling and sitting on top of them.

Ahh, gardening with cats.

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  1. Misti wrote:

    I’ve been loving the colors in your photos, coming back every other day. LOVE the hibiscus and Milo!

    Posted 16 Jul 2013 at 11:32 pm

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