mid-February snapshots

Some iPhone snapshots of the garden, taken February 20th, 2014.


Petunias, Ivy, and Plumeria cuttings on the edge of the pool.


A view of the garden looking down the pool.


A “mini-garden” area set up by the edge of the pool close to the house. We keep the pool cover (dark blue sheeting) on the shallow bit of the pool in the winter to conserve heat and energy. Notice Milo in the kitty tent in the background (he hunts lizards, so he’s not allowed freely on the lanai until he knocks that off.)


A view of the garden at the other end of the pool. I more or less have plants all over the lanai now.


Another view. I guess things DO look alive. For a long time I have been assuming everything looks barren, but looking at these photos makes me realize that spring IS really in process down here in Florida.

Oh, outside that screen door is another “mini-garden” with butterfly and hummingbird friendly plants- penta, passiflora, a rose, some lilies.


Chester, waiting for me to snip some catnip for him.


Chester, reminding me where the catnip IS (another “mini-garden” by one of the doors leading into the house).


Chester finally scoring the catnip. I snip a few leaves, crush them in my fingers, and then hand them to him. He takes them in his mouth, steps away a few feet, drops the catnip, and then collapses on it, rolling around and purring. Notice the tongue out.

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  1. Misti wrote:

    I’d love to sip coffee and read a book on your lanai!

    Posted 24 Feb 2014 at 8:16 am

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