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I wrote a big post here and WordPress ate it (*grumble*) so instead of chucking the computer out the window I am doing a photo post. Click on any of the pictures for larger images.

summary of what I wrote about:
– It’s mid-April, which means it’s pretty much summer here in Southwest Florida. We have what I like to call “Alien Sun”, which means the sun has gone from being a nice golden cheerful light to being this strange, instense WHITE focused beam. You know in movies when the fearless adventurer wakes up in the middle of the desert, confused, dehydrated, and doesn’t know how he got here? Well that lighting effect is real and it’s happening now.

– Sunflowers rock my world. A few weeks ago, I planted a bunch of “dwarf” sunflowers in a big pot. I put the word “Dwarf” in quotes because said “dwarf” sunflowers are now five feet tall- and still growing. This should be interesting to observe as it plays out. I will admit, I’m kinda excited about this, though. Because if they wind up doing well, it means “regular” sunflowers are no longer off limits to my container garden, as long as I water them frequently and use a large enough container. Oh, the possibilities!

– I think the lizard that lived in my garden took off (insert very sad face here)… I know you’re thinking along the lines of “circle of life” but I am OBSESSIVE about being careful and I haven’t found any remains. When Tom put in the new hose, he was working in the area the lizard lurked out in, so I have a feeling the lizard had enough of us and took off through the hole in the screen. The good news is that today I spotted a tiny reddish lizard darting around the containers. I had to restrain myself from running over and crying out “WELCOME! PLEASE STAY!” So I just ducked behind the swing and stayed quiet, watching him poke around. I hope he does stay.

– For some reason, Ginger (the cat) has appointed herself my garden “assistant”. I love the company, and love *her*, but she enjoys tipping over freshly watered plants to drink from them, “cheeking” the little bubbles off the sides of my neon grafted cacti (the other day I found one stuck to her face…), and being underfoot while I hose, which means she gets sprayed and then gives me a guilt-inducing look as if I did it on purpose (I promise, I didn’t!) She also enjoys tipping over the glass jars I keep my cuttings in so she can drink the water.

– My little front garden is… okay. The rose and lantana that I transplanted there are still finding their footing, but at least they don’t look dead, which is how they appeared for a few days after transplant. We are watering vigorously, and I am being patient.

So what have you got going in YOUR spring garden?

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  1. Misti wrote:

    Ginger the cat doesn’t enjoy a lizard lunch?

    I keep telling my tomatoes to turn red already! Cucumbers are ripening, sunflowers are almost ready to open!

    Posted 20 Apr 2012 at 8:14 am
  2. Donna wrote:

    A bunny scarred me this evening. I was watering and splashed it and it scampered away. Had to keep one of the dogs from getting it. My hubby got my rain barrel all hooked up! Now for rain.

    Posted 22 Apr 2012 at 10:28 pm

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