I was VERY excited that I was finally able to snap photos (crummy iPhone photos, but photos none-the-less) of the lizards in the garden this week. Remember that my garden is *inside* a screened in lanai, so the lizard residence is interesting to me. They can easily leave the lanai at any time through various gaps in the frame/screen of the lanai, but they either DON’T do that, or they return and live most of their days/nights in various spots around the garden.

Since the garden sort of goes around the pool I swim in everyday, I have a pretty good view under all the planters and things. So I can tell you where most of the lizards I see every day (there’s five now) tend to hang out when their not hunting or basking in the sun. And watching them interact is pretty fascinating, they do have turf wars sometimes.

[The big lizard on the bottom of the Buddha (photo below) seems to be the king of the place. He mostly lives on the two trellises in the back, but every so often he’ll roam around, which makes the Buddha statue lizard (who lives under the planter right next to the statue) a little uneasy. But they shared a sunny spot without doing the head bob/tail lash thing for quite a while, so I snapped a photo. Finally, the guy on top got fed up with it and left. ]

Anyway, whenever I am out there or swimming, they run around pretty freely, but as soon as I pull out my phone, they hide. This week three of the five lizards were basking on my little statues, and so I grabbed my phone and stealthily moved around the edge of the pool (holding my phone above water) and then hid and snapped a few photos using digital zoom. I felt like a wildlife photographer tracking a rare and elusive animal in the wild, which is absolutely ridiculous, but the truth is I’m happy to have a record of these guys. They are part of the garden.

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  1. Misti wrote:

    We once had a small iguana in the backyard. It was only there a couple of days and didn’t see it again. This was in FL, of course. 😉 Love seeing all the other lizards, though.

    Posted 15 Feb 2014 at 5:30 pm

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