little surprises

Just when I think the garden can’t surprise me, just when I’m sure that I’m aware of EVERY inch of everything happening with every single plant out there, there was a big, sunny rose peeking out from behind the pentas on the side of the house this morning. I had no idea the rose was even growing back there.


I actually did a bit of a double take when I saw it.  My garden is pretty small, and I am pretty obsessive, so I rarely miss something like a rosebud.



I rarely get any cut flowers to take inside with me from my garden (most of what I plant doesn’t last off the bush), so when I get something like a rose, it’s a big deal. I snipped it off the bush and took it inside with me. It’s still doing well, day after.

It’s kind of hard to believe that this rose came from *my* garden.  Hard to believe I even have a garden. After so many years of being interested in flowers and plants and gardening, and admiring it all from afar, I finally have my *own* garden, just out the door. A garden I have really put a lot of time and energy and love into. It’s one of those full circle moments of life, I suppose. But one that makes me super happy. I love gardening. I’ve had lots of interests in my adult life, but very few of them really became as big of a passion and part of my *daily* life as gardening has.

There’s just a few weeks left of decent weather… the summer is here, and the plants are starting to show signs of it. One of my big, fluffy nasturtiums just withered and dried completely up in the span of two or three days, and other plants are starting to get brown around the edges and droopy. I’m starting to mentally prepare for the summer- a lot of the plants don’t tolerate the rain and stormy weather that will come in a few months, so I’ll have to move those plants to a protected area where they can still get lots of light. Since I have twice as many plants this year as I did last year, it might take a little more planning and organization. Just thinking ahead…

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