January. Still.

This week was a total zero in the garden. I watered once (which was unnecessary because it rained shortly after) and that was that. At least the geraniums are still blooming.

What is UP with this winter? I was going back and looking at some photos from January in years past and while it wasn’t “super amazing and awesome bloom time!”, it wasn’t quite this –nothing–, either. It’s been a very odd month, weather-wise. Just very cool and rainy and foggy and dreary.

I’m determined to hit the local garden store this weekend. I need some potting soil desperately (I have been recycling the same soil over and over for the last few weeks) and I also want to try and get a new tomato plant. Mine is coming back, but it wouldn’t be terrible to have one more.

I also want to see what’s blooming. Not that I expect anything too new and exciting, but sometimes I happen upon a plant that is unusual enough and/or interesting enough to bring home and it brings new life into the garden. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, but I’ll know it when I find it. I’m not really jonesing for anything at the moment, either. Well, besides veggies. For some reason, I’m on a veggie kick.

I also want to give sprouting micro greens a try soon… I need to look into ordering some things for that.

Hopefully the coming weeks will bring blue skies, (slightly) warmer weather (I’m in NO rush to go back to 80 degree weather that is typical for winter here!), and some growth in the garden.


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