Instagrams from the garden

Instagrams from the garden this week. For those not in the know, Instagram is an iPhone application that adds nostalgia-esque filters to photos. I am sort of addicted to it simply because it makes photos look more like I *see* them. Does that make sense?

This is inside the house, but it is an orchid from my garden. Whenever they bloom, we bring them inside so we can all enjoy them (no one really goes into the garden but me!) This is a photo from Tom’s DSLR run through Instagram.

Four of my hibiscus are in big-time bloom right now (and three are regrowing, and one isn’t getting enough sun, and one is still a seedling.) This bloom is actually dinner-plate sized. I really love hibiscus. *swoon* They do get BIG for container gardening, but if you are okay trimming them often and keeping them compact, they really do well in larger containers.

Another photo from Tom’s DSLR run through Instagram- this is one of my two Gloxinia. This is the one I grew from a bulb a few years back and every few months it regrows and blooms.

Another orchid. I COMPLETELY forgot that we had a yellow orchid, so when it bloomed yellow, I was shocked. I was expecting it to be white or pink. This one will be coming inside soon and joining the other one on the kitchen counter.

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