In Bloom

We had another big storm this week, but luckily nothing got damaged. Some of the plants got knocked around a bit, but nothing overwhelming.

A few things bloomed this week:

The yellow canna seed I planted late last summer, (or at least I *think* it was late last summer). I was surprised to see how vivid it was because a lot of times you plant something named “yellow” and up grows something that’s more of a buttercream kinda color. But this is a SERIOUS yellow. And I love the orange patterns on the petals, and the little curled in bit at the center. I’m sure there are technical, scientific names for these things, but I don’t know what they are.

More hibiscus. The hibiscus are doing well, at least the ones that are full-sized plants and have a lot of foliage on them.

I have to admit I am getting ready to consider calling it a day on the three hibiscus that have been dormant for the last year or so. They grow a few leaves and then do nothing for months. I cut at the stem and branches and it’s bright green underneath, so the plants are still technically alive, but they don’t do anything. This week I repotted all of them, expecting to find them maybe root bound or stuck in really wet soil, but the roots were in great shape and the soil was beautiful. I went ahead and repotted them in fresh soil while I had them out of their containers, trimmed back the stems a bit more, fertilized them, and then moved them into the sunniest location on the lanai. If that doesn’t kick them into gear, I don’t know what will.

My Trader Joe’s gloxinia bloomed again. Hard to get a decent photo of, because the bloom is so bright and the leaves are so dark. I love how huge the blooms are- the size of a tennis ball.

Finally, another nasturtium bloomed and it was a cherry red color, with a weird black-ish center. So far this Aloha Mix of Nasturtium seeds (from Renee’s Garden) has been orange and red. The oranges have been interesting, and the reds have been on the “pinky” side, but there hasn’t been a single peach, apricot, or pale pink flower in the mix, as promised by the packet:

Oh well, I still think they are super pretty and I would definitely choose this mix again next year. And maybe throw in a handful of some deeper yellow Nasturtium seeds for contrast.

Oh, one last thing! We got a nice harvest of tomatoes this week, as well:

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