I grew this!


Every so often I grow something in the garden that reminds me why I do this (well, reminds me of one of the MANY reasons). And makes me so happy that I love this hobby so very very much.

This week, the Canna Lily that I planted from seed at the beginning of the summer bloomed. I had no idea it was about to bloom and I really didn’t know what to expect. I was KNOCKED OUT. First of all, I forgot what it was supposed to look like. Second of all, I thought it was going to be maybe a foot tall a most, with some blooms on top. Third, I assumed it might be light pink.

What grew was a 3 foot tall plant with spectacular deep pink blooms on top that just keep coming. I can’t believe this thing came from a little single seed.


And there’s more to come!


Yes, I do keep it way up on a table so the cats can’t get at it. But my interest in lilies are definitely piqued.

I’m thinking about maybe growing them in the front yard since they are so big and seem very hardy. I definitely want to grow another one.

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