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A few days ago, one of my family members asked me what a gardener might want for the holidays. I guess she has a few of us on her list this year and was looking for general gift recommendations. I really had no idea. I mean, I know what *I* want and need for my garden, but I thought there must be some generally appealing gifts that any gardener might like. This afternoon I decided to spend some time brainstorming a list, and here’s what I came up with:


While not everyone has “live bugs” on the top of their wish lists, a lot of gardeners welcome ladybugs into their gardens because they are a natural source of pest control. Tom and I have been wanting to release ladybugs around our house for a while now, but we are waiting for commercial pest treatment to wear off so we don’t hurt the ladybugs. A great gift would be a big supply of live ladybugs, a ladybug house to provide shelter for them (and a spot for them to reproduce!), and a ladybug lure to keep them close to home and attract even more of them.



For those who like to send greenery for the holidays, might I suggest a more garden friendly option? It always breaks my heart a little when we get cut flowers or wreaths for the holidays and then they eventually wilt away. How about a live plant/wreath? There are gorgeous succulent wreaths that are easy to care for and live well after the holidays are over.

I love this one from Viva Terra.



Viva Terra also has a beautiful little olive topiary.


As well as this gorgeous dried herb wreath, that can be hung in the kitchen and used year round for cooking. I don’t cook, but I would LOVE this wreath- it probably smells so amazing!



I don’t know about *all* gardeners, but a lot of us have a pretty large collection of seeds and seed packets, but not many of us have a great organization system for them. I keep mine in sealed flip-top plastic boxes, but they are still a big jam of packets inside. This seed organization binder looks SUPER cool (these are readily available on ebay, as well). If you wanted to make it even better, you could include a gift card to a nursery/garden center in one of the sleeves the binder comes with, or even include a few seed packets (don’t stress about picking the perfect seeds, it’s the thought that counts…)



I’m a sucker for beautiful photos or art of plants, flowers, and gardens in general. There are several large, gorgeous coffee table books that would be an awesome gift for anyone who admires nature. Bloom Searchings (all three volumes), Flower, Botanica, Extraordinary Leaves, etc. are just some of the many photo/art books that focus on flowers and leaves.


Even if you are worried that your favorite gardener already might have a subscription to Organic Gardening (on sale for $5 for two years of issues!), Garden GateHorticulture, or Fine Gardening, it only takes a quick call to the customer service line (every magazine has one) to take a new subscription and add it to an existing one. I’d MUCH rather receive new subscriptions or extensions on my favorite magazines instead of having someone spend hours desperately looking around for something they think I might like. This is a guaranteed “good gift” that takes very little time to give.


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  1. misti wrote:

    I totally got myself a subscription to OG. Going to have to get some for a few people I know.

    Posted 30 Nov 2012 at 2:37 pm

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