Herb Bed/Perimeter Bed Update








The herb and perimeter beds are proving to go slower than we wanted, mostly because I can’t help as much as I would like, being pregnant as I am currently. It really makes me feel guilty watching Chris do all of the work. However, he’s done an excellent job with the digging and my dad, who was visiting a few weekends ago, assisted Chris one evening with some dirt work. As you see here we’ve put in chunks of wood and limbs from around the yard as well as leaves. We’re doing a modified hugelkultur for these beds, but instead of building up like typical hugelkultur we’re going down. In addition to the wood and leaves we’re mixing in the garden soil we bought for both the flower beds and the vegetable beds, what’s left of it anyway, and then Chris wants to get a load of compost in the back of his pickup to put in as well.

Progress on the beds was halted when we had about 7″ of rain within the span of a few days. Due to the location of our vegetable garden and despite us bringing in some dirt to raise that area up a bit, the area still floods when heavy downpours ensue. The garden usually doesn’t flood during a normal rain event, but after several days of rain we had a lot of water in portions of the garden. So, we took time off from working out there to let everything dry out.

I will be very, very happy when this bed is done. It would have gone much faster if I could have been helping all of these weeks, but there’s minimal things I can do when I can’t dig out dirt and haul heavy wheelbarrow loads full of dirt.

Hopefully sometime mid-summer the beds will be done and we can plant in them!

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