Growth In The Veggie Beds


The veggie beds are coming along, growing well and looking good. Clockwise from the bottom right: tomatoes, tomatoes, potatoes and squash, pepper-okra-eggplant-corn, dragon tongue beans and melons, and finally cowpeas-squash-one melon from the compost bin-amaranth-corn.



The two biggest tomatoes have been producing the most flowers and I’m just hoping that soon I’ll see the beginnings of a tomato. I’m a little bummed we are so late with getting the tomatoes in this years as last year I remember we were starting right now with the abundant harvest.

The squash starts we bought at a nursery are starting to put on fruit. We bought a yellow crookneck and two golden zucchini. I started seeds of two other varieties but the names are escaping me right now.



That’s right, I forgot I started three rows of a very late crop of radishes between some of the tomatoes. They are French Breakfast.

The potatoes come up much to my happiness. As it was so late when I planted them I was worried that they wouldn’t sprout but they have and are looking good.


I planted three different types of okra, two that I had from last year, Stewart’s Zeebest and Hill Country Red, and then I planted an old package from the 2009 season I found in our stash, Fife Creek. That one has had the poorest germination rate as can be expected since it was older. Last year the okra was was sorely neglected at the community garden so I’m hoping for better success this year.


Melons we are growing this year include Charentais, Hearts of Gold, and Moon and Stars watermelon. I’m hoping if another bed frees up later on I might try starting another crop of Bidwell Casaba melons mid-summer. That was huge melon we grew last year and the fruit is deliciously sweet.

These are cowpeas sprouting. I ordered them from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and the variety is Big Red Ripper (Mandy) Southern Pea.

I’m pretty sure they started coming up out of the soil while I was standing out there watering!

Also planted are a few rows of dragon tongue beans, a bushing variety. I am looking forward to growing more yard-long beans when we get our fence up so they can grow along the fence, but for now I have to stick with bushing varieties of beans and peas.

I planted two rows of experimental Montana Popping amaranth from Sow True Seeds out of Asheville, NC. This should be interesting!

As you can see there’s a lot going on in the vegetable bed but I’m not harvesting anything out of it yet. Maybe later this week one of the squash or zucchini will be ready to take in for a snack!

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  1. chel wrote:

    These photos truly made me giddy. Seriously. I love it when plants are in that stage between sprouting and actualy being established plants. They are so lovely and perfect and I love seeing the little hints of what is to come!

    Posted 13 May 2013 at 5:14 pm

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